Custer County Fair open for the weekend

Family, friends and fun. These are just some of the things that make the Custer County Fair special to the people in Hermosa. People riding their horses into the arena to strut for judges and get scored, similar to how the activities will last all weekend. Food and a ranch rodeo to follow, the lineup for the fair remains consistent after many years.

VP Jeff Svoboda says, "The fairs have been around since 1887 so its basically the 131st year minus a couple of years where the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl so its been around. Means alot to the county, brings everybody together one time a year and good for the kids and everyone to just come out and enjoy a small county fair."

Children, a big part of whom the fair is centered around, are provided with multiple opportunities to expand their learning. With 4-H classes enhancing their craftsmanship, the kids will learn more about rocketry and woodworking. For Elizabeth Smith, this fair allows her own child to participate but also remind her of her own childhood at the fair and beyond.

Elizabeth Smith says, "I've never known anything accept coming to the fair. My whole family has been at the fair for many many years. In fact my daughter started a couple of years ago coming back so she's the third generation to come to the fair"

Elizabeth is a part of the scribing crew - writing down scores and tabulating the horse shows ... and says the people she grew up with at the fair are for a lifetime.

Smith says, "It's just like a big family reunion. You know, everybody, everybody knows you. Everybody knows where the kids belong you just get to make the lasting friendships for later in life too."

The fair added new activities and rides like a carousel and a new paint ball field for attendees to take part in this year and the VP says while small, the fair has alot to offer.

Svoboda says, "I just encourage everyone to come out and enjoy our little fair and have a good time."

The Custer County Fair is scheduled to run through Sunday August 11th ending with a parade and a car show.