Crossfit to pay special tribute to fallen officers

A hero workout to honor the lives and service of Nick Armstrong and Ryan McCandless, two fallen officers who were killed after a routine patrol stop in 2011.

Policemen, firefighters, sheriffs and other members in the community showed up to voluntarily do unique workouts.

Over 40 people were doing dead lifts, squats and much more, all to honor those that have lost their lives on the line. Sargent Jason O'cilka says that Nick and Ryan were heavily in his thoughts when he structured the workout just four years ago.

Jason O'cilka says, "I developed the workout. The rep scheme or the model repetitions are 5-7-7 and 6-3-9. Those were Ryan and Nick's badge numbers with the Rapid City Police Department so I kind of incorporated that into the workout and then we just developed a series of moves that's harder than normal but kind of flow together well."

This workout marks the 4th annual Nick and Ryan Hero Workout and is expected to continue for many years.