Crazy Horse Memorial excited for the upcoming tourism season

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Tourist sites around the area, including Crazy Horse are getting ready for the upcoming season.

There is plenty of optimism for this year's tourism season at Crazy Horse. Since last year, the site has taken several steps to making the destination an even better one for those who stop in.

CEO Jadwiga Ziolkowski says, "Well this is the time of year we take time to spruce up everything. Get the floors ready. We have some new windows put in. Our displays are being moved around. We have some new displays that are coming and we're making arrangements for that. It's just getting everything ready and all, but we are expecting a great great summer. This spring has been wonderful. It's a little bit dependent on the weather, but we've been very fortunate to have all the people that we've had here. It's been up from last year so it's very exciting."

During Memorial Day weekend from May 26th through the 29th, Crazy Horse will waive their usual admission fee for guests if they bring three cans of food per person.