Crazy Horse Memorial collects canned food during Labor Day weekend open house

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Crazy Horse Memorial continues to carve its way into completion.

And their staff decided to show off the carving's progress this weekend at their annual Labor Day open house.

Black Hills FOX's Katrina Lim has the story.

Hundreds of people took advantage of Crazy Horse's Labor Day weekend open house.

Visitors could waive admission if they donated three cans of food per person.

The open house featured new footage of the carving's progress, Native American performances, and Native art vendors.

CEO Jadwiga Ziolkowski says, "Well we do it both Memorial Day and Labor Day just because we know it's a holiday for people who want to have something for them to do. That's why we're open on Christmas, too so people who want to get out can get around and see things they can come here."

One visitor from Oklahoma says the work of the sculptor and his family is awe-inspiring.

Visitor Kay Bauman says, "And clearly he not only had a dream, he had a dream and a vision for how to keep it alive and so it just, thinking about that and how to apply that to my own life is how I'm leaving this place today."

The original sculptor's wife Ruth started the canned food drive years ago.

One of Ruth's daughters says she appreciates the community's support not only with the food drive, but with the creation of Crazy Horse Memorial in general.

CEO Jadwiga Ziolkowski says, "It's very humbling because I grew up here, I'm one of Ruth and Korczak's daughters as you know and from what it started and to what it is today, it's just, it's very, just very humbling. People are so kind and have been so generous and helpful all along the way just with their donations and their coming and their support."

The Memorial's next big event is Fall Volksmarch on October 1st.

That day, the public will be allowed to walk up to the face of Crazy Horse if they donate 3 cans of food.