Committee continues to celebrate the life of Anna LeFort

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The memory of a young girl who suddenly passed away in April carries on as the Anna LeFort Service Committee has been hard at work painting a mural at the Humane Society of the Black Hills.

Anna had a passion for animals and spent time volunteering at the Humane Society, that's why the committee is painting Anna's Garden.
The head of the committee says Anna's mom was afraid that Anna would be forgotten and she wanted to make sure that didn't happen.

Michelle Mueller, Anna LeFort Committee, says, "It was really hard when Anna passed away and there was nothing that any of us that lovdr her, we could do nothing and we felt very, kind of, helpless and we love their family, the LeFort's are an amazing family and to look around and see there are things that we can do, like there's things that are out of our control, but there are things that are in our control that we can help and I think that's been really healing for the kids, to be able to work hard and make a difference for better."

One of Anna's friends agrees and says she is glad she can remember her in this way.

AJ Cannon, Anna's Friend, says, "I remember that she was always really caring and she always, like wasn't afraid to have fun, or make a joke and she was just very spunky and I think a very colorful person, so I think it's fun that we're doing a colorful garden for her."

The committee hopes to have the mural done by next week.
The committee will continue to do service projects every other month in Anna's name.