Cold temps keep snow plows busy

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Rapid City, SD This week's freezing temperatures are keeping snow plows busy - as they continue to clean up after Monday's storm.

Chemical treatments stop working well when the thermometer reaches sub zero temperatures.

But as it gets warmer, the snow will melt - and crews will scrape slush off the roads.

Right now, plows are focused on clearing packed down snow in residential areas.

And officials remind drivers to take extra caution on the roads.

Darrell Shoemaker, the communications coordinator for the City of Rapid City, said "Each snow event has its own personality and it's probably abnormal that we have this long stretch like we're going through now. We don't have that every single winter. So just like when we get that first snow storm of the year and that impact on our driving - same thing when we have bitterly cold temperatures. Make preparations. Drive with caution."

Officials say it could still take a few days before roads are completely dry.