Coin and Stamp collectors converge in Sturgis

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Sturgis, SD It was a collector's dream Sunday at the Fort Meade gymnasium in Sturgis today during the Black Hills Coin and Stamp Club's show.

Several dealers and collectors joined together to showcase and sell different valuable coins and stamps.

Many of the enthusiast traveled from all around the surrounding area to showcase this unique hobby.

And while many of the items are incredibly valuable ... organizers say the hobby is about more than face value.

Jim Coulthard, event organizer says, "You've got a piece of history that you wonder who was carrying it. I have coins that are from ancient Rome and Greece and you're wondering if it's Julius Caesar that held that or Colonius or any of them. It's a piece of history and even in the US you can get US coins from the 1700s late 1700s early 1800s it could have been owned by George Washington or any of the founding fathers."

The club hosts around two shows each year outside of Rapid City and are available for appraisals upon request.