City of Rapid City looking to lease or donate land where Pennington County 24-7 Program is to School of Mines

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The Rapid City Legal and Finance Committee approved a resolution Wednesday afternoon, the first step toward transforming the land where the current Pennington County 24-7 program is into a possible new innovation center.

The proposal comes from Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender.
He suggested that the current Pennington County 24-7 program on East Main Street be relocated and the land it's on to be leased or gifted to the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology as a place to help startup technology companies grow and eventually move out into the economy.
The executive director for the Black Hills Business Development Center on campus says the proposal is a great idea because their current unit is full.

Black Hills Business Development Center Executive Director, Terri Haverly, says, "It has an average impact of over $5 million a year in payroll, there's over 20 companies, 150 employees, interns working there, so this just seems like a logical progression to have a second one. This helps, in our opinion, with the city's master plan that's moving from East to Fifth towards the School of Mines campus, it's going to target higher than average wages."

This is just the first step in the process.
Now a group will be put together to determine the value of the property before moving forward.