Christmas Weather Forecast

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By Christmas morning, the snow will get going. It will likely continue throughout the day and eventually wrap up late Christmas night or very early Monday morning.

Accumulations of 4-8 inches are likely across the vast majority of the viewing area. Lesser amounts will fall to the south, with the highest totals reserved for northwest South Dakota. Winds will also be a huge issue with this storm. Consistent winds between 35 and 45 mph are expected, with gusts topping out between 60 and 70 mph. This will create blizzard conditions, therefore, a Blizzard Warning is in effect starting Sunday morning and going through Monday around lunchtime.

If at all possible, avoid any travel during the day on Sunday. Whiteout conditions are likely as we move into the afternoon and evening.

By the time we get into Monday, skies will clear out, and temperatures will steadily warm. Temperatures back above freezing are possible later next week.