Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at 72nd annual Easter Sunrise Service

People normally visit Keystone to see the famed Mount Rushmore, but this morning, people were visiting for a different reason.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim shows us why people woke up bright and early this Easter Sunday.

Hundreds of Christians celebrated the resurrection of Jesus at the 72nd Annual Easter Sunrise Service at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Sally Svenson and her family have been performing at the Sunrise Service for six years.

She says their musical talents come from God.

Sally Svenson says, "That is our goal in life and to play music, we always give God the glory and the credit for the gifts and talents of music. So we want to play it to glorify him."

The service included prayers, readings, and music from the Sunrise Choir.

The Sunrise Choir was composed of volunteers from the Hermosa United Church of Christ, the Keystone Congregational United Church of Christ, the Little White Church of Hill City, and other faith communities.

Sally's son Curtis Svenson plays drums in their family band.

He says it's amazing to be able to worship the Lord at such an iconic American symbol.

Curtis Svenson says, "It's actually really cool to me. It's so cool that we can go to a public place like this and just express ourselves. All the people that are here, we can show our loves for Jesus Christ and everyone can see that. It's just open and anyone can come and see it. That's just really awesome to me."

Vinnie Tomkin has never celebrated Easter at Mount Rushmore before, but she says she's still excited for the coming of our Savior.

Vinnie Tomkin says, "Easter is when, it's special to all of us because of the sacrifice that God made when he came to and give his life for us to have eternal life so it's a special day. It just helps us to remember that and be grateful for what he's done for us."

Curtis Svenson says, "Easter to me means that Jesus Christ died for me and he took away my sins as basically, paid the ultimate price for all our wrongs and that's what it means to me."

Towards the end of the service, they collected offerings that would be donated to organizations that assist people in times of crisis.

Reporting from Mount Rushmore, I'm Katrina Lim, Black Hills FOX News.