Chamber of Commerce recognized locals for their contributions to Rapid City

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Several members of the Rapid City community received awards on Tuesday's Chamber Awards Celebration.

People gathered at the Dahl Arts Center to recognize the contributions of several locals.

Denise Webster received the Athena Award for helping women reach their full leadership potential.

Denise Webster says, "I'm a little overwhelmed on this award. It doesn't quite sound like myself. I just do small things which obviously has added up to be a big thing. It's not like I did something overnight. I think women are going to excel and continue to excel in their professions, in who they are, and in what they do. It's very exciting."

The Osheim and Schmidt Funeral Home received the Granite Award because their business is an asset to the Rapid City area.

Ozzie Osheim says, "A big hearty thank you to the community for supporting us over the years, letting us serve them in their time of need. It's been a great honor."

Four people also received Rushmore Honor Awards for their contributions to the arts in our community.