Canvas 2 Paint welcomes families on Mother's Day

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Some families decided to brush up on their creativity this Mother's Day.

Canvas 2 Paint sold out for both of their Mother's Day classes on Mother's Day.
Painters got a free mimosa, chocolate strawberry, and rose for spending their holiday with Canvas 2 Paint.
Instructors say the fun art, not fine art environment serves as the perfect way to have a worry-free holiday with family.

Amber Linneweber, Canvas 2 Paint Instructor says,"It's nice for that little extra appreciation. Just that little extra special day, like 'man, mom does a lot.' We need to love on her for a little bit with homemade cards and even painting. Just making that special memory."

The wine and paint shop has been hosting the event every Mother's Day since they opened back in 2012. Canvas 2 Paint hosts a variety of classes and workshops each week -- changing up the paintings each session.