Campers begin to pack up and head home, reflect on 77th Rally

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With only a couple days left, several riders are packing up and heading home.

As the 2017 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally winds down, campers are rolling out, some even a little earlier than usual.
That's what the word is at the Sturgis RV Park, who is seeing people hopping on their bikes, and heading out.

Sturgis RV Park Owner, John Lawson says, "Some are saying they've got personal business they have to get back to. I have several people who were here for a ten day stay that left yesterday. A bunch left today."
But Lawson says the catch is these bikers are coming to the Black Hills before the rally even gets going.
Lawson says, "There's a lot of riders who want to come a week or ten days before the rally and get their riding in, then the day the rally starts -- they leave."
Some are also planning ahead, coming a few days early, and staying only a few days into the big event itself.
But nonetheless, Lawson says business continues to be booming for his park.
Lawson says, "My park was filled up three months ago. We fill up every year three to four to five months prior to the rally."
A sure sign that these motorcyclists will keep coming back for more - some are already booking as far ahead as the 80th Anniversary Rally coming up in a few years.
Lawson says, "People are looking forward to this 2020 rally. I've never had people rent this far out."
It's the atmosphere that these bikers love, and the reason why Nebraska native Kent Kingston has made a trip out to Sturgis for three years now and being close to town is a priority.

Kent Kingston says, "Getting out everyday, riding, and having a good time - staying in a park like this close to downtown because we can walk downtown and walk back. That's what keeps us coming back."
Kingston was last here for the big 75th Anniversary, and says while he loved the massive party -- he's also a fan of these smaller rallies.
Kingston says, "This has been great cause there's been less pressure on the roads. It's easier to get around the town. We're enjoying that part of it too."