Black Hills Symphony concert rings in New Years

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Rapid City, SD The Black Hills Symphony Orchestra is playing the sounds of classic spy movies this New Year's Eve.

The audience heard the tunes of everything from Sherlock Holmes to James Bond and Austin Powers.

The symphony has hosted a concert on New Years Eve for dozens of years.

But, Saturday night's 'Top Secret' concert brought something unique to the stage.

Curtis Price, a Black Hills Symphony board director, said "One of the things we've really been enjoying is the Austin Powers music, which as you know is put together by Quincy Jones - one of the best composers of any genre in America and it's just so great. So if you know spy movies, and you know movie music - there's so many funny references in the music, you just can't hear it without laughing. It's just a riot."

The symphony includes about 90 musicians - almost all from the Black Hills.