Benefit helps Feeding South Dakota Backpack Program

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The Feeding South Dakota Backpack Program got a boost Saturday morning thanks to a fundraiser at Memorial Park.

Backpack Program fundraiser

Starbucks hosted the event, which they're calling their first annual The Value of One.
They had a lineup of musicians on the Memorial Park Bandshell stage for the two hour benefit.
Starbucks manager Karen Williams says overcoming her own personal challenges was the driving force behind Saturday's event.

Williams says, "I don't have a lot of time. I don't have a lot of money. But as I thought about it, I can put my little bit of time and my little bit of money with others. and when we put all of that together, it can turn into something a lot bigger. So I put together this fundraiser with Starbucks, The Value of One. It takes with one person and with one dollar, put together with someone else's and it turns into something a lot bigger to give back to the community."

Karen says they raised about $520 for the Backpack Program.
She says they're already thinking about ways they can make the event better for next year.