Art Beat: Local kids are "In the Band" at Rock School

Kids get involved in music in many different ways, private piano or violin lessons, school band or a children's chorus.

But when their passion is to be in a rock band, how does a parent figure that one out?

The answer is Rock School, and in this week's Art Beat, we'll meet some local kids who know what it's like to be "In the Band."

Scott Miller has been teaching private music lessons for years and when his guitar and drum students said they wanted to jam but didn't know other musicians, Scott decided it was time for Rock School.

Scott Miller, Rock School Owner says "I would ask them do you have anyone to play with besides when you are just at practice. I most of the time got no. Whether they are shy or whatever reason, just didn't fit into the school band program or kind of a non-traditional student so when we started that we really drew those kids in."

Scott puts Rock School students into different bands based on their age and ability.

Once they start playing, it's more than just learning the notes. They learn that being in band takes structure, work and practice.

The type of music each band plays depends on the kids.

Scott Miller, Owner of Rock School says "We tailor the music to what the kids can play. We don't try to put music on them that they're just not able to do. After this many years we're pretty good at judging that. It's a good way to meet friends, if that's hard for you, especially on the musical side, just meeting up with people and just overall, we have a lot of fun. "

The performance is the reward of all that hard work.

This band is getting ready to perform next Saturday, they've been rehearsing for three months, but have each been in several Rock School bands in the last few years.

The lessons learned here are about the music and preparing for what lies ahead.

Wyatt Fenner, 15 says " I've gotten a lot better thanks to these guys, they've been a lot of help to me and a lot of help to my music. When I started here I only played drums and I didn't play them that well and they helped me learn to play those and learn to play guitar as well."

Michael Kendrick, 18, says "I'm a lot less shy because of getting out and playing on stage, like you get a rush at first when you step out on stage and once you play with the other members it kind of goes away. I think it helps a lot."

Kaitlyn Depoer, 18, says "Presenting will be a lot easier for me, trying to communicate with people, going on stage and talking will be a lot easier. With classes and stuff, it does help, I've notice a difference. "

Scott says students from years past still keep in touch and thank him for Rock School, because they found that one thing they were looking for.

Turns out that still rings true with those about to rock.

Wyatt Fenner says "Music is my life and it's all I want to do."

Michael Kendrick says - "That's my dream because music is my life. I'm really hoping Rock School can help me get a good start with that ya know."

You can check out the different bands that make up Rock School at their winter concert on Saturday, January 14th at the Dahl Arts Center.

They start rockin' at 7 and tickets are available at the door.