Art Beat: Barefoot Studio preps for their Big 10 recital

A local dance studio is celebrating their 10 year anniversary by showcasing their favorite dance performances of the past decade.

In this week's Art Beat we go into the Barefoot Dance studio where local dancers are making sure they have all the right moves just in time for this weekend's recital.

These dancers are stepping back 10 years and moving forward to today with all the favorite performances this studio has brought to the community for the last decade.

For the anniversary, the owner decided on a recital with a bit of a twist.

Andrea Schaefer, Owner, Barefoot Dance Studios says "It's sort of a fake out recital. We're treating it like it's a throw back recital so we're coming up with some of our favorite dances of all time we've ever done. But then there's a little twist half way through and things go arwy."

In the middle of the show ... the villains arrive and take over.
Barefoot instructors teach ballet, tap, modern, jazz, hip hop ... and even venture into the acting and singing world.

Cordelia Gray, Darla Dimples, says "So the reason this class is so fun is it's a triple threat class. There's acting, dancing and singing."

Both the younger and older students come together for recital rehearsal and though it might get a bit crowded, the benefits of having all the students in one room are many.

Andrea Schaefer says "In May we stop our regular classes and we put everybody in this space together so they get to watch each other and not only do the little girls get to watch the big girls and vice versa, but they also get to watch the staff work.

The lighting designer was in today and so they got to watch us communicate with him and all the things that go into it and I think for them it really adds a livel of experience and knowledge that maybe you wouldn't get if they just showed up to dress rehearsal."

Tae Swanson, Musical Theatre Student says "I'm mostly learning dance because this is a dance studio and I'm also learning to work with the others around me. We have all different ages here so it's really a great experience for me instead of just dealing with one age group."

The dance classes following the school year schedule ... they start with the fundamentals and move toward performance.

Andrea Schaefer says "The wonderful thing about a recital is it's a culmination of nine months of work really so we work on skills for the first half of the year then we start introducing the music for the show and the concept and the costumes and we put it all together and when they walk off stage, not only as individual performers, but as a group they've watched all these kids and rehearsing for the last month and supporting each other and giving back to each other. I think everybody walks off stage just a little more confident."

With all the favorite dances being performed for this show it might be hard to pick a favorite, but...

Andrea Schaefer says " Well I do have a favorite dance. You'll have to come to the show and see it because I am announcing it at the end of the show. My favorite dance of all time."

The Big 10 shows are this Saturday at 2 and 6 and tickets are available at the Performing Arts Center.

This summer, Barefoot Dance Studio will have an all day dance camp for ages five and up.

For more information, go to their website at barefoot dance studio dot com.