Antique and Railroad Sale grows even bigger at Hill City Middle School

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Community members had the opportunity to buy or sell antiques on Sunday's 10th annual Antique/Railroad Sale in Hill City.

Folks could also get their family treasures, toy trains, and other memorabilia evaluated for their worth.

Antiques and Art Co-owner James Aplan says he sold his first antique through the mail in 1939.

When we asked him what makes antiques so special, he described it as addicting.

James Aplan says, "I think it's a sickness, to tell you the truth. We just keep buying and buying. Things I take, unusual things, things I've never seen before... I don't know. It's a bug that bites you and it doesn't ever quit."

Aplan says he's seen the event grow bigger and bigger every year.

At first there were only seven vendors.

This year they had 45.