Actress talks about experience with "Phantom of the Matthews Opera House"

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An old-fashioned melodrama is back for another year at the Matthews Opera House in Spearfish.

"Phantom of the Matthews Opera House" takes place in Spearfish in the 1920s.

Here, a villain takes over the floundering opera house and turns it into a burlesque theater.

A local author wrote the play more than 40 years ago, but actors still have fun rekindling the antics of the story today.

Actress Kylie Hall says, "They're my family and that's kind of why I come back every year. When we're in the rooms getting ready with makeup and costumers, we have the lights on and the music's playing. We're dancing and getting ready and even behind the curtains, we all know each other's lines so we're usually talking to each other behind the stage. We're focused, but you have to have that energy."

The show runs every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 7:30 until August 2nd.

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